Cracker Barrel

I like the place with its country feel and its country store.  My problem has always been that I find the breakfast too big and too heavy for my taste.  I do not like biscuits and definitely not smothered with thick gravy…Just not my kind of food.  I do have many friends that love the breakfast there and I do like the place and the store.  So I wanted to find something that was more like my style of eating and I finally did!

“Eggs in a basket”.  That is my dish!  I had never seen this.  They use two sourdough bread toasts and make a circle hole in them.  In the circle the fry one egg for each.  Mine were over easy and they were perfectly done.  You can hold the toast up gently and the egg stays tucked in the whole in the middle of the toast.  It is very nice with bacon or country ham.

A repeat


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