Masa Restaurant Fresh Tuna Chunks and Mango Chunks

Mango Poke

Sushi plate with assorted nigiri sushi

Assorted Sushi rolls and nigiri Sushi

We had an overnight stay in Tallahassee and decided to have sushi for dinner.  I usually go to to find the local places when I am in a new place.  This time I found a few Sushi places among them Masa Restaurant.  We almost missed going because there was a review that was not too good.  I consider myself a Sushi connoisseur.  So when I read the Masa Restaurant  review from someone who presented himself as a very picky sushi eater, I gave it more weight than I should have.  But there were others very happy with the food and since we really wanted sushi that night, we decided to risk it (or so we thought we were doing)!  Nothing further from the truth!

Masa Restaurant is a very nice restaurant in Moore Street Tallahassee.  They serve food from a variety of cuisines, so if Sushi is not your thing, you should still try it.  The table next to mine had a couple of stakes that looked delicious!  If you do like Sushi, this is a good place.  We had an appetizer that I am already craving although I live many many miles away!  It is called Mango Poke.  If you go, don’t miss out on this one.  It is served as a salad in a plate that is a bowl in the center with a large lip all around (shown here on the left).  On the lip, they streak eel sauce.  In the bowl, they serve a combination of the following:  Fresh Tuna in chunks, fresh mango in chunks, seaweed salad, a little bit of field greens, edamame, dressed with what I think was kimchi sauce.  To die for!

We ordered a couple of roles, nigiri scallops, eel, ikura and a few pieces of Salmon sashimi.  Everything was very fresh.  The service was very good and prompt.  We were stuffed and could hardly order desert so we ordered a type of mango mouse that was very light and good.

The ambiance was entertaining.  There were tables with all suited men (probably the local politicians and business men).  Also tables with parents and students and some just with students.  Behind us was a large table with a big family gathering from “grandpa with white well combed beard” to little kids.  In all Masa Restaurant is a very busy and lively place with many young waitresses walking quickly back and forth making sure everyone of us was taken care of.

Masa Restaurant is located at 1001 N. Monroe, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Telephone: 850-847-0003

A must repeat!


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