Have you ever had it happen to you that you enjoy a wine during a meal and write the name down so you can order it next time. You expect to like it next time, but during the next meal you wonder why you thought you like it before??? Is all about the paring!  Yes, the paring!  The combinations of taste that happen in your palate when you mix wine with a meal.  It can change everything, and it seems to me (not a wine expert, obviously) that some wines are more susceptible to these changes than others.

I have learned the lesson and from now on I will try to write not only the wine but the food I had when I drank the wine.

It most be said, however, that for those times when you are just drinking wine with cheese and grapes or any other appetizer in an informal gathering, I found a few that I like and want to keep them here for future reference.  These seem to stand the test of food variations, at least for me.

Here they are:


Malbec (Cavia Reserve 2006, Mendoza Argentina)

Carmenere (Alcance 2007, Valle Del Maule Chile)


Pinot Grigio (Vigneti Sant Helena 2008, Fantinel Italy)

Alvarino grape (any of them that I have tried are good)


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