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Wharf Express

A very nice very casual place.  Standing back of the parking lot next to a convenient store, there stands the Wharf Express.  With a wooden deck for outside tables and umbrellas and a welcoming sign with the daily specials.  Inside you’ll find an eating bar with stools and a small dinning area with benches and tables.  Running the place is John.  A young man, who proudly displays and American flag next to the photos of his two babies (one  around 18 months and one 3 months at the time of this writing).

You have to order at the bar where he is also taking the phone orders for takeout.  I think he has a pretty descent take out volume of orders.  The menu has plenty of fresh seafood.  You can order most of the dishes fried, broiled or blackened.  We ordered the blue crab fried with coleslaw and rice pilaf, also the seafood medley of catfish, shrimp and calamari.  It all comes with freshly made hush poppies.    The hush poppies are so fresh that my friend ate all of mine!  She said she had not ordered them in years because everywhere else she went they were very greasy.  Here they are excellent.

Once you order at the bar, John comes to your table to bring your food.  This is a disposable plate and utensils kind of place.  They also have an assortment of various types of bottled beers and a limited selection of wines.  John is very pleasant and eager to make sure you walk out with a positive experience of his place.  And so we did, his food is very fresh.  We asked for everything fried (we were on vacation…no diets!) and yet all of it was covered by a very light and well seasoned batter and NOT greasy at all.

A definite repeat!


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  1. Joey Costanzp says:

    Thank you for the great review. I am the owner and the gentleman that served on you.

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