The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is within walking distance (approx 5 blocks) from Alaskan Way.  A waterfront street with several seafood restaurants and souvenir shops.  When we landed in the Seattle Airport, our shuttle driver spoke to us about the local attractions and also recommended a couple of restaurant.  One interesting choice was one called “The Crab Pot“.

It was great.  This place is on the water.  You can see the ships come in and out of the harbor and can hear the seagulls while you eat fresh seafood.  This is a very low key place, suitable attire are jean or shorts and T-shirt.  The menu includes various types of seafood, but the highlight of the place are the crabs.  We had a dish called “crabs crabs crabs”.  It is a crab boil, comes with Alaskan King, Snow and Dungeness crabs, red potatoes, corn and we asked to add a serving of Andouille sausage to the boil. 

Prior to your food being ready, the waiter places a thick white paper on the table (as one would a table cloth).  He/she brings melted butter, lemon wedges, a mallet and a wood block to crack the crabs. There is also a basket of fresh bread served. When the crab boil is done, the pot is drained and its contents are poured over the white paper covering the table, in between you and your guest. We also ordered a pitcher of Manny’s pale ale (a local brew that is very nice on tab). The sea breeze, the seagulls, the view and good company, it could only get better if the rest of our family was with us!  What an awesome time.  A most definite repeat when I get back to Seattle, which I intend to do.  I really enjoyed this city.

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